Who are we?

A bunch of IIT Alumni with experience in ecommerce, tech and analytics. BizFactorial is focused on accelerating the growth of ecommerce businesses.

We are a young team of eCommerce professionals who come with experience of working with giants like Flipkart and Mastercard as well as young D2C brands.

Fueled by our passion for eCommerce, technology, and analytics, we are on a mission to help brands scale and manage their business better. We aim to simplify the overall digital selling experience and help brands make data-driven decisions.

Our customers say that when they partner with BizFactorial for their eCommerce needs what they actually end up getting is ‘peace of mind’ 🙂

What do we do?

We simplify your online selling!


Whether it's about launching your store on Amazon or creating your mobile app, we help your business take the first step to the digital world.


Once you are online, our team of experts make sure your sales is growing. We work relentlessly to make sure your sales graph never hits the downtrend.


We remove all the road blocks you face on your upward journey of growing sales. We help you break the barriers of sales stagnation.


We help you

stay on top of key business metrics

make data-driven decisions to stay ahead

keep an active tab on latest market trends